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Lecture 7

SMG IS 223 Lecture 7: Notes - Testing and MedNet

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Information Systems
SMG IS 223
Stephanie Watts

Testing and Web Analytics The Role of User Feedback in IS Design o Basic Metrics: Impressions also called a view or an ad view, refers to the point in which an ad is viewed once by a visitor, or displayed once on a web page Click Path Analysis data used to make more logical streams of pages for visitors to use as they navigate your site, attempt to find information, or complete a task Popular Pages data used to improve low popularity paged and emulate highly trafficked ones Page Views per Session data used to inform how many pages each visitor to your site is viewing another metric used to measure stickiness Recency measures an interim goal of the amount of time since visitor last visited the site Campaign Tracking ability to put specific URLs or referrer strings onto ads, emails or links and track their success Action Tracking tracking certain actions on a site like form submission, newsletter signups, add to cart buttons, and checkout or transaction completions Search Engine Referral Tracking which SE sent which visitors over time and tracking the keywords they used to reach your site First Time vs. Return Visitors what percentage of your visitors are coming back and frequency o Paid Search is Good for Testing (managing matching) and optimizing your landing pages Can have same ad go to two or more landing pages to see which drives more conversions Can have a different landing page for each keyword Finding new keywords, and testing the performance of existing keywords Google AdWords gives you a quality score that they factor in to decide how high to place your ad Can pay less if higher quality score: dont use keywords with a low quality score Google has 3 types of keyword matches o Exact, phrase match, and broad match.
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