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Lecture 11

SMG IS 223 Lecture 11: Notes - Enterprise Systems

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Information Systems
SMG IS 223
Stephanie Watts

Enterprise Systems Core Business Process o Basic processes that organizations MUST have to compete and be successful o OrdertoCash: process of selling goods or services and collecting revenue Includes every aspect of receiving an order, fulfilling it, and receiving payment Multiple steps and business functions to be completed successfully Functional Areas: Marketing and Sales Accounting and Finance Manufacturing and Operations o ProceduretoPay: process of ordering goods or services and paying for them Involves every step necessary to acquire the goods and materials necessary for the business to function (opposite of ordertocash) Multiple business functions with a need to communicate throughout the process Functional Areas: Supply Chain Management Accounting and Finance Manufacturing and Operations o MaketoStockOrder: process of manufacturing goods, either based on forecasts or based on orders Involves the production of goods, order process is more complex than stock since it includes additional steps involving taking the order and then doing any design and engineering work required. MaketoStock process based on forecast or budgeted sales figures Organizational Activities Along the Value Chain o A corporation is comprised of both core and support activities Core Activities: focused on the actual valuecreation process within the organization enable creation of supply chains involved in transforming raw materials into products sold Inbound logistics (receiving), operations and manufacturing, outbound logistics (shipping), marketing and sales, and customer service These core activities form the organizations value chain Different industries can have significant variance in their core activities
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