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Lecture 10

SMG IS 223 Lecture 10: Notes - Supply Chain Management

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Boston University
Information Systems
SMG IS 223
Stephanie Watts

Supply Chain Management What is a Supply Chain? o Collection of companies and processes involved in moving a product Suppliers of Raw Materials Suppliers of Intermediate Components Final Production The Customer Resembles a network with many suppliers feeding into each company o Typical Supply Network Each Supplier may have one or many upstream suppliers feeding into their business or factory Each supplier is also typically selling to many downstream customers BusinesstoBusiness ECommerce o Exchanging Data in Supply Networks B2B ECommerce 90 of all EC in the US o Businesses typically make multiple purchases from the same supplier over time Involve Proprietary Information Originally facilitated sing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) prior to internet Suppliers currently use Webbased EDI protocols Companies also use Extranets, Portals and Marketplaces to facilitate B2B EC o Automatic procurement process so these can be made electronically and automatically can result in significant procurement cost savings and reduction of errors and related expenses
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