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Boston University
International Relations
CAS IR 271
Michael Corgan

Purpose of the State Nature of man and war Aristotle: most practical works on the state The Politics, 334 BC Context: Athens and decline of Hellenic power Aftermath of Peloponnesian war Contribution: Discourse on the nature of the state An alternative to Plato's ideal republic Ideas: Telelogical- purpose explinations Man is a political animal Family provides necessities Community provided continuity State provides the good life Justice is the aim of the state 480 BC Persian invasion of Helles 477 Delian League 431 Peloponnesian War 404 War ends with Athens defeated Thucydides: The State at War History of Peloponnesian wars Underlying themes: War is a sickness of the body politic Love of power causes war Athens loses when ideals lost Causes of war 431 Pericles funeral 430 Athens is an education to Greece It may have been wrong to acquire a tyranny, it certainly is dangerous to let it go Peace of Nicias 421-416 Melian dialog 416 Melos captured and despoiled Melos wants to be neutral The strong take what they will, the weak suffer what they mus
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