Corbett vs. Mahan

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International Relations
CAS IR 310
Michael Corgan

Additional Notes: GROVE: • “Corbett goes quite far in his analysis of the weaknesses of the battleship” • Corbett: “The battle-fleet now demands protection by the cruising ship and what the battle-fleet needs is held to be the first necessity” (185) ROBB-WEBB • “Corbett did not discount the importance of Trafalgar in its ability to inspire confidence, pride and a sense of duty in young officers. In this it was a major asset to the Navy and should therefore be encouraged” (158) • “For Corbett the entire campaign could only be understood if it was approached from the perspective of a ‘combined operation’” (159) • “The interplay of politics, economics, land and maritime operations were the central focus of his developing thesis” (159) • “Rather he emphasised Nelson’s understanding of the political tasks assigned him. It was this appreciation of the wider significance of his command within overall British grand strategy as much as tactical mastery, for which Corbett, marked out Nelson’s genius” (160) • No decision of Nelson’s is more eloquent of his grasp of the true end and meaning of naval warfare. He was about to pursue and try to bring to action a numerically superior force ... Yet so firm was his grasp of the war plan and the place his fleet had to fill i
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