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Lecture 33

CAS IR 250 Lecture 33: Push and Pull Factors

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Boston University
International Relations
CAS IR 250
Thomas Berger

International Relations in Europe Lecture 33 Lecture 33: Push and Pull Factors Push Factors: o Security concerns - refugees and asylum seekers. The Geneva Conventions on Asylum. The UNHCR decides upon the definition of refugees. o Periodically, there are crises which provide a steady flow of refugees. In 1956, there were thousands of people moving from Russia to Austria and Germany. Another uprising in Czechoslovakia (Prague Spring) had more refugees moving from their home country. Sri Lankan Civil War had a lot of people applying for refugee status. The Yugoslavian crisis produced about 800,000 refugees. o But people dont usually like moving due to profession issues, linguistic barriers or difference in benefits given to citizens. o Relative poverty. o Environmental factors/ natural disasters. For example, in Bangladesh, the Bay of Bengal causes severe oceanic disasters and storms which have led to large number of deaths.
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