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Lecture 19

CAS IR 349 Lecture 19: 19

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International Relations
CAS IR 349

Lecture 19 November 16 Thursday, 16 November 2017 1:55 pm The Pacific Region in the 1930s: The Rising Sun 1. A Monroe Doctrine for the Far East a. From Manchuria to Manchukuo b. NonRecognition: The Response of the U.S. and the League 2. Sources of Japanese Militarism 3. The SinoJapanese War, 193741 4. The Two Chinas a. Chaing at Chungking b. Mao at Yenan 5. American Effort to Contain Japanese Expansion 6. The Expulsion and AngloAmerican Naval Power from the Pacific A Monroe Doctrine for the Far East 1931 A Monroe Doctrine for Asia. The Japanese have a role to play in Asia similar to how the USA is in the Western Hemisphere USA was not happy to see Japan expand 1931 From Manchuria to Manchukuo An explosion on a section of the South Manchuria Railway gave the Japanese army the excuse to blame the local population for sabotage and to occupy Manchurian towns. They are going to blame Chinese bandits. The reason for this even is because of Japanese intervention in Manchuria So for the next few months Japan will expand in Manchuria. The explosion at the South Manchuria Railway was justification for Japan to enter The reason they are getting this territory is economic and because Japan will be able to send people to Manchuria Japanese Troops in Manchuria in 1931 1932 There is no resistance China does not have full control of China before Japan invaded. Once they are control of Manchuria, Japan created a lot of propoganda to explain why Japan in in Manchuria
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