CAS IR 350 Lecture 1: IR 350

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Boston University
International Relations
CAS IR 350
William Keylor

WEEK 1 History IR334 Cold War; Superpower had nuclear weapons and so they could actually destroyed each other There were several hot wars within the Cold War Democratization end of the colonial empires There were sphere of influence of Superpowers Cold War; but not Cold War orthodoxy The Global Cold War Cold War as an asymmetrical international system characterized by East West and North South competition and intra WHY? The cold War and its conceptualizations necessary to understand IR Recent past related to ur times Lessons from the past facilitates understanding LECTURE 22ND 2018 Conceptualizing The Cold War Phases of the Cold War 194553: Towards Bipolarity 195362: Peaceful coexistence to Confrontation 196368: Middle Cold War 196978: Detente 19791985: New Cold War 19861991: Towards Unipolarity (this was when the US won) Westad The Cold War and the international history of the twentieth century Vol1 Heterogeneous understanding of the Cold War within the wider of the 20th century Cold War first used by George Orwell CW= confrontational politics of Soviet leader Stalin In 1970s IRs realist school explained CW as superpowers interestdriven characterized by balance of power. Post 1991 Push for Cold War Conceptualism Political and economics: Capitalism, war and the making of the modern state statebuilding and spheres of influence
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