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CAS PH 150
Matt Cartmill

Dodd SOC 120 9/18/13 NOTES  Research o Plan study, design research methods, analysis, drawing conclusions  Research effects o The group may be altered by the presence of the researcher (Hawthorne effect)  Ethnography—a field of study that involves self-reflection; the findings guide the future methods and observations.  Secondary analysis-using data that has already been collected for other studies o Data may not be representative, may not directly answer he researches questions and any problems in the original data will persist in the new study  Content analysis—systematic categorization and recording of information from written or recorded sources o Unobtrusive, inexpensive, and easy to do o Findings must be replicable.  Ethical issues o Subjects cant be harmed o Confidentiality is protected o Subjects must provide informed consent o Human subject boards at universities and re  Society represents the hardware or structure that gives organization  Culture represents the software, the way people live  Definition of culture: o Totality of shared language, knowledge, material objects, and behavior o Material culture; tangible objects (clothing, food, design of cars) o Nonmaterial culture: non-tangible objects (ideas, beliefs, customs, knowledge) o Ideal culture vs. Real culture  Subculture—segment of society that shares distinctive pattern of mores, folkways, and values that differs from the pattern of the larger society.  Argot—specialized language used by members of a group or sub
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