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Political Science
CAS PO 111
Graham Wilson

PO 111 Introduction toAmerican Politics PaperAssignment You must compose a paper with a five-page (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, excluding bibliography) maximum length. Papers that exceed this length will not be accepted. The paper should use the perspectives, approaches, theories, and ideas learned in this course to explain or critique a recent political situation or policy in the United States (see options below). Please select one of the following topics:  The recent decline in party identification  The federal government shut down of 2013  The US response to the situation in Syria (only consider domestic factors here such as public opinion, congress, presidency, and courts in the US) Once you have chosen a topic, please proceed as instructed below: Construct an argument that uses ideas and concepts from the course to explain the topic you just selected. The paper must identify a single outcome (Y) then must construct a causal argument that identifies at least one explanatory variables (X) and demonstrates how these explanatory variables result in the single outcome. In particular, you need to show how the explanatory variables connect step by step with the outcome variable. It is your responsibility to identify the single outcome related to the topic and make sure it is a significant one worth analyzing. As a brief example procedure, consider the topic of the origins of federalism in the United States.
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