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Foreign Policy

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Political Science
CAS PO 111
Graham Wilson

Foreign Policy Thursday, December 5, 2013 3:38 PM - US outspends everyone else in defense - Sources of US might ○ Military  In 1916, the US controlled roughly 11% of the world's naval power. That is an impressive number that ranked US third.  UK controlled 34%  In 2011, the US controlled roughly 50%.  Russia controls 11% ○ Largest economy  Highest per capita income in the world  China continues to grow in world economy ○ Soft power  Cultural, intellectual, lifestyle influence of a country - USA is every form of power is far in the lead, not since the Russian Empire - What to do with this power? ○ Realist view: Promote and defend national interest ○ Idealist view: Promote and defend democracy and liberty and economic freedom  Syria and Afghanistan - Traditions in US foreign policy ○ Washington's Farewell Address  Avoid foreign entanglements ○ Isolationism  Always an exaggeration, US always has had foreign policy  US was gradually sucked into WWI □ Zimm
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