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Political Science
CAS PO 141
James Schmidt

Commerce: In Peace and War (AMERICAN REVOLUTION) • “In retrospect, the contribution ofAmerican naval forces to the war’s outcome was much more important than it appeared to be at the time. In fact, theAmerican cruiser action of the war’s opening phase had basically achieved its objectives. It raised havoc with the enemy supply system, hampering British army operations and forcing their commanders to change their plans” (10) (WAR OF 1812) • “American maritime forces were effective, then, in two ways: in the first year of the war by winning a series of brilliant single-ship victories, and in the remainder of the war by continuously harassing British commerce” (38) • “By 1813 Britain’sAdmiralty had instructed its commanders not to engageAmerican ships singly, and Jones issued orders that partook of the same spirit, as in his letter of December 1813 to John Orde Creighton of the brig Rattlesnake.After adjuring Creighton to avoid ‘all unnecessary contact with the cruisers of the enemy, even with an equal,’ unless he thought he had a sure victory in han
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