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Political Science
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CAS PO 141
James Schmidt

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Amphibious Warfare:  The Battle of Roanoke Island in 1862: “Burnside’s division of ten thousand men landed on Roanoke Island with little difficulty, partly because of the calm waters of Pamlico Sound but also because of excellent planning and cooperation betweenArmy and Navy officers. The Confederates on Roanoke Island capitulated, and Burnside took two thousand prisoners” (HA82) “MGEN George B. McClellan, contemplating an amphibious move to the Virginia peninsula in the spring, believed it would be useful if a Federal division moved inland from Pamlico Sound to threaten the Confederacy’s rail connections south of Norfolk. For this task he designated the divsioin of MGENAmbrose Burnside, whose three brigades of New Englanders were composed of men familiar with small boats. Escorted by a naval squadron under Flag Officer Louis M. Gol
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