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Political Science
CAS PO 141
James Schmidt

RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR/CURRENT SITUATION: • “The dramatic outcome of the Russo-Japanese War shookAmerican naval strategists out of their complacent attitude toward Japan. Japanese prowess on land and sea generated a tremendous amount of respect among European andAmerican military and naval observers...This conclusion, in turn, would force the navy to rethink its entire Pacific strategy” (162) • “The Treaty of Portsmouth brokered by President Roosevelt ended the war and ominously confirmed Japan in its position as the dominant power in EastAsia. Most alarming to naval strategists was the realization that the destruction of the Russia fleet and the withdrawal by other powers (including the United States) or their battleships fromAsian waters left Japan in command of the Western Pacific. Equally, it meant that the Philippines, far from being a springboard toAsia, had become in Theodore Roosevelt’s words,America’s ‘heel ofAchilles.’” (162). • “American policy makers pursued to interrelated courses of action. They attempted to placate the Japanese and at the same time permitted Japan to consolidate its position on theAsian mainland in Korea and southern Manchuria. The Taft-Katsura and Root- Takahira agreements of 1905 and 1908 are representative of this policy” (162) • “The Russo-Japanese War and subsequent tensions in Japanese-American relations also stimulated a great deal of discussion among General Board members as to the proper disposition of the batt
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