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Political Science
CAS PO 141
James Schmidt

1812-1815: • “Rodgers argued that the United States should send one squadron to cruise the waters around Britain and retain the other in home waters for defensive purposes” (42) • Hamilton sided with Rodgers. • Semi-failure...”Rodgers claimed that his cruise across theAtlantic and back was not so fruitless as it seemed at first glance. He argued that ‘our being at sea obliged the enemy to concentrate a considerable portion of his most active force, and thereby preventing his capturing an incalculable amount ofAmerican property.’...Though Rodgers’argument may have been valid, the absence of tangible victories, combined with the ambition of the Navy’s other ship captains, led the Navy Department to abandon the doctrine of concentrated force and adopt instead the suggestion of Decatur and Bainbridge that American frigates be deployed individually” (42) • FRIGATE DUELS: “the frigate Constitution arrived there with the news that it had defeated a British frigate in single combat. This victory was the first of three such in the first six months of war—victories that were strategically insignificant, but that elevated American morale and cracked the façade of British naval invincibility” (44) 1815-1860: • “With the ‘Act for the Gradual Increase of the Navy,’passed inApril of 1816, Congress authorized the sing
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