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Political Science
CAS PO 141
James Schmidt

1861-1865: • THE CIVILWAR: “Naval superiority gave the Union the advantage of mobility, as Federal commanders moved whole armies by sea. McClellan’s move to the Virginia peninsula was the most evident example of this, but the Navy also helped transport MGENAmbrose Burnside’s army to the coast of North Carolina and MGEN Benjamin Butler’s army of occupation to New Orleans.And the Navy was crucial in combined operations on the inland rivers, as in the seizure of Forts Henry and Donelson on the Tennesse River and the pivotal Vicksburg campaign” (78) • “Significantly, in no other operation of the Civil War was the importance of effective Army-Navy cooperation demonstrated more clearly” (94) 1865-1900: • “From 1865 to 1890 the U.S. Navy suffered through a period of stopped building new warships altogether and thereby failed to keep pace with the dramatic advances in naval technology being adopted by the navies of Europe. Then in the last decade of the century the Navy experienced a stunning renaissance, characterized by the construction of a new generation of steel-hulled warships and the emergence of a new philosophy of naval power to explain and jus
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