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Political Science
CAS PO 141
James Schmidt

1901-*1939 • 1907: Roosevelt dispatched sixteen of these ships [17 battleships] on a cruise from the Atlantic to the Pacific via the strait of Magellan, and thence around the world. Because theAmerican battleships were painted a peacetime white, this voyage has always been known as the cruise of the Great White Fleet. Even as Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet put to sea, however, every ship in it—indeed, every battleship in the world—was already obsolete” (119) • “It is both typical and ironic that the British took the lead in this naval revolution.As the world’s foremost naval power, Britain had often initiated revolutionary advances in naval ordnance and engineering. On the other hand, it was precisely because Britain was the world’s foremost naval power that it stood to lose the most from a naval revolution that rendered all existing battleships obsolete” (119) • “For the newer naval powers—the United States, Germany, and Japan—this revolution signaled and opportunity. With the elimination of Britain’s overwhelming lead in battleship hulls, it became possible to contemplate challenging Britain for naval supremacy” (119-120) • “The nation that took up the challenge was the empire of the German Kaiser, William II. This it was that the appearance of the Dreadnought in 1906 contributed to a full-blown naval-arms race between Britain and Germany” (120) • “Winston Churchill, who became the First Lord of theAdmiralty in September 1911,
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