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Lecture 11

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Political Science
CAS PO 331
Kate Krimmel

Lecture #11 Tuesday, February 25, 2014 9:33 AM Midterm - All of the readings and lectures ○ No technical things, just the findings ○ No secondary references ○ All of the readings and lectures  No technical things, just the findings  Do know the authors - Format ○ Identifications and terms (4x5pts, 6-7 to choosefrom) ○ Short answers, specific question (2x15pts,3-4 to choose from) ○ Essay (1x50pts,2-3 to choose from) Presidency - Presidential paradox, always looking for authority to meet the expectation ○ People expect a lot from presidents but the powers of the presidency is limited  Foreign policy and congressionaldecisions ○ President's greatest known role: Commanderin chief  Congress has power to declare war □ Less of a check in reality than on paper  Much harder for Congress to bring troops back ◊ Not supporting the troops = Does not look good politically  War of Powers Act: The president has to inform the Congress about using the military , and if not approved, then troops have to return within 60 days ○ Head diplomat  Receivesambassadors  Senate has to approve treaties by 2/3 majority □ Can get around this by "executiveagreement" but it can't supersede US laws ○ Chief executive  Poweris delegated from Congress  Appoints officials □ Senate has to approve appointments and nominations ○ Legislative  Singing/vetoing bills  Re
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