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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 Public Opinion

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Boston University
Political Science
CAS PO 331
Kate Krimmel

Lecture #14: Public Opinion Tuesday, March 18, 2014 9:34 AM Key: Defines public opinion as opinions held by public persons that governmentfinds important - Attitudes: Organized and consistent manner of thinking, reacting, and acting regarding to people, social issues, etc. - Ideology:Organized set of political attitudes ○ Can create political consistency(Liberal-Conservative)  Liberal: Social welfare spending, social equality, pro-environmentalprotection,higher tax and military  Conservatives:National defense, liberty, traditional values, lower taxes ○ Can change overtime;Stimson's "mood"1991  Mood can change when politicians fail or overreach - Partisanship: ○ Strongly correlatedwith ideology ○ Psychologicalphenomenon?  Identification or personal experience ○ Practical phenomenon?  Favorable policies and politicians ○ Party ID becomes a perpetual screen ○ Differences in religion, values, prevailing political situations (political awareness) and education can make a difference in political views - How to measure opinion? ○ Polling started in the 1930's ○ Idea of polling is simple, but it is difficult to practice  Large, random sample ○ Committeesand individual politicians can take their own polls ○ Delli, Carpini and Keeter (1996); What Americans Know About P
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