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Lecture 8

COMPLETE The Policymaking Process Lecture 8 Notes (4.0ed this course!)

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*Lecture#8 Tuesday, February 11, 2014 9:33 AM Pact Dependency and Punctuated Equilibrium - Pact dependency ○ Investing in a process ○ Once you start down a pass, it's hard to comeback  QWERTY keyboard on computers aren't actually efficient □ Costly to switch for producers and consumers □ David's argument about QWERTY  People didn't want to train people in other systems  De Facto standardization  Gained investment ○ Arthur - Polya Urn  Take a yarn out and replace it with two of the same color and at the end, it'll be 100% one of the two colors, in the beginning it is unpredictable ○ Margaret Levi - Exfoliating trees  Every trunk has more little branches on them  It’s more likely and moreefficient to stay on the same trunk than to moveto a different one ○ (Arthur) Increasing returns process  Unpredictability □ Can't predict the outcomewithout knowing some things  Inflexibility □ Lock in effect  Small events matter and will effect the end result  The outcomeof the pact is not always efficient  Sequencing is critical  Three stages □ Critical juncture (moment)  Triggers a movementonto a particular path □ End of the path  New events dislodge for change  Technologyand infrastructure are often linked (coordination effects)  Expectationschange behaviors  (Pierson Article) Positive feedbacks □ Exercise of political authority  Possibility to use authority for more power  Central role of collective action □ Collective action is hard as is  People will be protectiveof their investments □
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