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Lecture 5

COMPLETE The Policymaking Process Lecture 5 Notes (4.0ed this course!)

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Lecture #5 Thursday, January 30, 2014 9:34 AM - Ranks of harms ○ Physical ○ Economical ○ Psychological ○ Moral/Spiritual - Harms are not objectiveand are more legitimate in the government - Cumulative harms: If one person or a couple people do it, it's not harmful but if many do it, it causes a problem - Hard to isolate one particular harm - External constraints such as finance - Negative liberty: Absence of external restraints - Positiveliberty: Power to chooseyour own life path ○ Education ○ Income ○ Other necessary things are needed to exerciseliberty - Liberals v. Conservativesis really negative v. positive - Paternalism - Liberty v. equality - Liberty v. welfare - Security ○ Balance risk and potential solutions ○ Security and democracy  Patriot Act - Problems ○ Conflict over defining the problem ○ 1999 Columbine shooting  Influence of violent video games  Psychologicalhealth  Access to weapons ○ Who gets control over public definition? ○ Was hurricane Katerina an act of God? ○ Problemsare not objective, socially constructed over time ○ Stone: Two story telling in policy making  Stories of change □ Story of decline: Things getting bad and then worse  Prediction of some sort of crisis and a way to prevent this crisis ◊ Medicare  The frustrated problem story: In the beginning it was bad but then something is interfering with the solution and now its going to get worse ◊ American businesses say that gov't is making economicsituation worse  Stories of power □ How we can control things  Climate change, we found the problem □ Control the economy  Monetarytools and others □ Stories of conspiracy
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