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Lecture 17

COMPLETE The Policymaking Process Lecture 17 Notes (4.0ed this course!)

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Lecture #17: Media Thursday, March 27, 2014 9:41 AM News media: Gather information and transmit the news - Plays a role of watchdog - Important to focusing events - Going public for politicians - Problem definition History of media development - Cost of transmitting news has decreased ○ Colonial era: Pamphlets that were passed around  Printing was expensive  Hard to make a living off creating newspaper  Rise of partisan press because newspapers could not support themselvesfinancially □ Different parties used newspapers to promotetheir parties □ Union of party and press was solidified by President Jackson  Freedom of the press was a big concern  Politicians hired them for campaigning ○ Newspaper  1830s,steam papers made printing more efficient and media became a business during the industrial revolution which made them more independent from parties □ Did not have to rely on party sponsorship □ Competing for consumers  New York Sun realized that people wanted more than politics, partnered with other press to create the associated press ◊ Yellow journalism created a major increase in readership  Late 1900's was monopolizedby newspapers □ Chains with influence in different cities had control over problem definition  Corporate blame, corruption, child labor, capitalism, etc. □ Newspaper executivesbecame politicians  In the modern era, newspaper readership has decreased □ 1920 began the circulation of radio circulation □ By 2006,newspaper shrunk by 1/2  Not only because of the internet  Decline in state and regional papers but national papers are still influential  Newspaper executivesare not politically involved anymore  Decreasein classified ads in the newspapers which caused drop in revenue ○ Radio  By 1940s,most people relied on the radio as their primary resource □ FDR used the radio to speak directly to the public  Radio circulation has declined in the modern era □ Equal time provisions which require radio stations to give equal access to politicians □ Airwaves became public good ○ Tele
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