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Lecture 10

COMPLETE The Policymaking Process Lecture 10 Notes (4.0ed this course!)

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Lecture #10 Thursday, February 20, 2014 9:35 AM Procedure of Congress (Cont.) - Budget Impoundment and Control Act (1974) - Reconciliation ○ "Nuclear option" ○ Process that allows Congress to change laws ○ Way to circumvent supermajority ○ Protected by the filibuster because it only needs majority, not 2/3 ○ Can only be used for budgetary policies  Example: 2001 Bush tax cuts ○ Bard rule: ○ Reid's rule: Allowed procedural cartel Members of Congress - Incumbency advantage ○ Incumbents usually win 90% of the time (especially members of the House)  Most of the losing happens in primary  72% win in Senate and 92% in House ○ Reasons why incumbents have an advantage  More name recognition  Financial resources □ "Franking Privilege": Can send mail through taxpayer expense □ Donors and sponsors □ Large staffs to help facilitate their abilities □ Committees for issues that their constituents care about  Gerrymandering: Redrawing of district line every 10 years so that each member represents about the same amount of people ○ Positive affects of the incumbency effect  Small learning curb  Process of making policies are long  Stability of problem solving  Stronger relationships and coalitions ○ Negative affects of the incumbency effect  Name and face recognition  New ideas and problems  Releases gridlock and fresher agenda - Security of politicians (reelection) ○ Members cannot control certain things  Changes in public mood  Changes in demographics  Changes in party brand name  Overall party behavior  General congressional approval  Presidential performance □ "Midterm loss": Members of the same party as the president loses seats in the next election  Theories for midterm loss ◊ "Surge and decline": Preferable voters in presidential years; more people vote and only the regular core partisan voters participate in midterm elections (more accurate) ◊ "Withdrawal of presidential coattails": Members do better during the first few years
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