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Psychological & Brain Sciences
CAS PS 101
Tracy Dunne

John Watson- LittleAlbert Experiment First one to do classical conditioning of an emotion Only subject matter was observable behavior Wrote Psychology as a Behaviorist Views it Classical conditioning- associate one thing to another as if one thing were the other Operant conditioning- look at one thing in terms of the consequences that follow it Humanist Perspective: Emphasizes- Free will Innate human tendency toward growth + people are born good and their environments aer responsible for making them go bad The attempt find meaning in one’s existence Conscious awareness Challenged psychodynamic theories and behaviorism -Humans are not controlled by unconscious processes Abraham Maslow- Came up with concept called self-actualization ( act in such a way to fulfill your optimal potential). Needs hierarchy. First thing: be able to survive Second thing: Be part of a group Third thing:Learn/get feedback from group Fou
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