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Boston University
Psychological & Brain Sciences
CAS PS 101
Tracy Dunne

Personality: Your unique and lasting way of thinking, feeling, behaving, etc Personality is studied by every perspective in psychology Psychodynamic Perspective: our personality is three separate and interactive elements, they are separate entities in your mind. Id: The unconscious, the sexual and aggressive urges that you are born with, the core of your personality, the urges that drive your thoughts and behaviors, id is the pleasure principle of what you want to do Ego: The “you” that is out there in the world, your self in reality, operates by reality principle, or what has to be done and dealt with, the ego does not always make the right decision Superego: Transverses conscious and unconscious, the part of our personality that always want to do the right thing, the moral branch of our personality, develops later than the id Personality according to Freud: he sees a constant conflict between your desires and what society dictates Defense mechanisms: our way of dealing with anxiety and stress, they are techniques that we engage in in order to consciously feel anxiety less Repression: once something is shoved into your unconscious, repression keeps is down there Suppression: something that happens that is traumatic, and you shove it into your unconscious Denial: The refusal to acknowledge an event or the emotions associated with that event Displacement: impulses are first repressed, then shifted onto a safer, more appropriate target express anger, but not directly, because intended target is too threatening Intellectualization: to eliminate the emotional part of a situation and find an intellectual explanation for the event Rationalization: to create a false excuse in order to explain an anxiety causing situation that has already occurred Projection: disguising your own emotions by attributing them to others (accusing your spouse of cheating when you are cheating yourself) Reaction Formation: to have an impulse but switch it into its opposite, like having low self- esteem but acting better than everybody to make up for it Sublimation: to have a bad impulse put channel it out in an admirable or socially acceptable way Oral Stage: Things done with mouth are a source of pleasure, such as eating by sucking Anal Stage- Primary source of pleasure is bowel and bladder control Phallic Stage: Learn that sources of pleasure are
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