PS101 Lecture 4 (Chapter 3 cont.)

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Psychological & Brain Sciences
CAS PS 101
Barry Grant

1/31 CHAPTER 3 The neuron at rest The action Potential The Synapse ● Synthesis and Storage of neurotransmitter mein synaptic vesicles ● Release of neurotransmitter molecules into synaptic cleft ● Binding of neurotransmitter at receptor sites on postsynaptic membrane ● Inactivation (by enzymes) or removal (drifting away )of neuron ● Reuptake of neuro sponged up by the presynaptic neuron Neurotransmitter and Behavior Neurotransmitters Disorders associated with Dysregulation Acetylcholine(Ach) Alzheimer’s disease Dopamine(DA) Parkinsonism Schizophrenic disorders Addictive disorders Norepinephrine(NE) Depressive disorders Serotonin Depressive disorders Obsessive-compulsive disorders Eating disorders Irregulation of sleep GABA Anxiety disorders Glutamate Schizophrenia Endorphins The Peripheral Nervous System Somatic Nervous System ● Input from the sensory muscles ● Carrying informations from the senses to the brain, via sensory neurons →Afferent nerves (incoming signal) ● From the central nervous system to the muscles to the glands, referring to motor neurons as efferent (outgoing) Autonomic Nervous System ● Controlling automatic involuntary functions ○ Heart rate ○ Digestion ○ Respiration ● Parasympathetic (‘Self-sustaining’) ○ Pupils constricted ○ Salivation stimulated ○ Bronchial passages constricted ○ Decreased respiration ○ Decreased heart rate ○ Digestion stimulated ● Sympathetic (‘Mobilizing’- Fight or Flight) ○ Pupils dilated - more light into visual field ○ Salivation inhibited ○ Bronchial passages dilated - more air into lungs ○ Increased respiration - more oxygen into system ○ Increased heart rate - pump more blood ○ Digestion inhibited ○ Secretion of adrenal hormones ○ Increased secretion by sweat glands The Central Nervous System (Figure 3.6) Spinal cord ● Houses bundle of axons that communicate from the brain to the peripheral nervous system Hind brain ● Cerebellum ○ Critical to the
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