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Lecture 6

SMG SM 131 Lecture 6: sm 131 OPERATIONS LECT CONTD

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Boston University
School of Management
SMG SM 131
Rebecca Nichols

 People o Workforce: Selection, Training, Retention o Organization: structure, rewards, performance, measurement, culture  Partnerships o Supply Chain: Vertical integration coordination  Place o Facilities: location, layout, networth o Capacity: growth place, economies of scale, additions  Processes o Technology: Project, job shop, cell, flow manual vs automation, process innovation, product innovation o Execution: Planning and control, QC, Maintenance o Improvement: Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, Lean , Reengineering  Operations 4 P’S for Oru Kayak  Partnerships- supply chain o Fabrication all materials and assemble- market will not know much if you do everything yourself o Procure materials and assemble- I don't really have expertise in making polymers that are necessary for the material in making up most of that kayal. Reality: even if i knew how to do that process at bench level, i might not be able to do it economically. A chemical company that has facilities to make the polymer will have big costly advantages. Maybe go someplace else to purchase the material itself o Procure complete kayak  Place o Location? o Capacity? o Layout? o Facility network?  People o Sills/background/ education for workforce? o Compensation? o Management oversight- autonomy?  Processes o Planning and control- how much and when? o Make to stock vs Make to order? Wait for customer to actually order? Or continue making 8 simple kayaks a day? o Quality control- how to test, how tightly to control?  Supply Chain  To Make
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