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Donald Gillis

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BROWNE Citation: Browne, Lewis. Blesséd Spinoza: A Biography of the Philosopher. New York: Macmillan, 1932. Print. • “Most of the other personages who became interested in the free-thinking philosopher were men of less dubious stability of mind” (Brown 236) • Johann Hudde, member of the States of Holland and Mayer ofAmsterdam • Conraad Burgh, Treasurer-General of the United Netherlands • Abraham Cuffeler, distinguished, young lawyer • Jan de Witt, the Grand Pensionary • Hugo Boxel, wrote to Spinoza trying to prove that ghosts were real • “Not all of these great personages were equal to following Spinoza’s rationalism— . . . ads— yet they evidently all recognized the power of his intellect and the nobility of his character” (Browne 236) • “he was eager to converse and correspond not alone with enlightened men in high station, but with all who showed an interest in the pursuit of philosophic truth. So eager was he, indeed, that one more than one occasion he wasted time and ink on men quite incapable of understanding his ideas” (Browne 237) • “Indeed he was far more patient with them than with certain of his well-wishers—as is evidenced by the reply he wrote in 1675 to a young Catholic convert who sought to save his soul”
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