ARBC 106b Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Tadeusz Bobrowski, Donets

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11 May 2020
poetry lyric The Bobrowski Johann of to belongs likewise it 1950s, although the available
not was public the to form book in onwards 1960 until. poetry Arendt’s Like, at might it
seem glance first something be to foreign a of East within body development literary
German. from came Bobrowski former Sovetsk) in Tilsit (now had Prussia, and East in up
grown town home Königsberg (Kaliningrad), the Kant Immanuel of. art studying After a
for history was semesters, he few for soldier a 1945 years. In many a became he of
prisoner Soviet worked and war miner a as Donets the in returning before basin in Berlin
to Bobrowski 1952 1949. In his wrote in (published his 1960 1955), in volume poetry
published (first Federal the in the in Republic, later 1962 in GDR), and his 1966 . In
volume posthumous his published was . both theme, in Bobrowskis and poetry lyric fixed
firmly prose, was outset the from: and German the first East. Having European- of
experience hand the and fascism Jews of persecution minorities other and, thrust main the
poetic his behind to was style and forgetfulness combat language poetic silence.
Bobrowski’s style unmistakable. His is of use makes and imagery intricate of inversions
complex phrases and words, associations involving sometimes difficult are that various
follow, interweaving to time of levels, motive and meaning. reflects procedure His
sediment depraved the in history of memory German the to needs that and arduously be
away cleared inquiringly can it before with dealt be realm the beyond routine familiar of.
learned had Bobrowski and Klopstock from an to Hölderlin extent greater even or Arendt
than he yet Maurer, and left also had verse ancient normative strophic and measures
almost behind, writing forms free in exclusively of devoid rhythms, mostly forms
strophic prescribed.
Lyric 1925 after born had so or overcoming difficulty enormous of limitations the bland
and eclecticism can affirmation, as enthusiastic from seen be festive innumerable the
poems celebratory and after day published GDR in day one contrast, only newspapers.
By achieved convincingly author degree required the and distance of Kunert Kunert.
Although matter-of- factness: nter indebted obviously was and Brecht, Heine,
Tucholsky to as well Ringelnatz, as American contemporary to Lee poetry (Edgar lyric
school Sandburg), no Masters, Carl around formed ever work own his way the in around
did it Maurer or Bobrowski. very his From volume small first 1950 ( in himself showed
1950), Kunert utterly be to worldly and unpontifical, not yet and prescribed the in of
treatment manner. His was subject-matter his aggressive and ironic, satirical,
uncompromising an with skate to refusal if inconsistencies, which over accentuated he
anything. evinced thus He and marked a towards tendency early poem didactic the
black (by for called 1965 in Kunert), into him bringing the with conflict poetry didactic
blue-eyed current was that time that at. decade the As verse his proceeded blacker ever
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