ECON 10a Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Gross Domestic Product

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Goals of Course
An overview of microeconomics, and many of the problems that economists
investigate, and the tools economists use to analyze the marketplace.
To become more educated citizen, and apply the economic principles to policy
Teach an approach to making decisions, that society and individuals face,
economic way of thinking until everyone is brainwashed, and that is the only way
you can make a decision
Contact Info
Office Phone
Office Hours
2:15 to 3:15
1 to 3
Use his directions! It’s a tricky office to find
7 TAs for this course, all veteran TAs, mostly senior econ majors, they will also
be having office hours
Text : Principles of Microeconomics, (Mankin) 7th edition
One midterm is worth 20%, one is worth 30% (the one you do better on is 30%)
Final is worth 30%
The other 20% is problem sets
10%, Coiner’s Questions, There will be 7 collected, 11 question problem
sets given, and 6 sets will be required for 100%
Collected in class
10% Online Problem Set (Sapling)
One for each chapter, and we cover 17 or 18 chapters
Numerically scored
You get to drop the lowest four
They will all be due at 11 o’clock
You will have a week notice for due dates, and he will send
out hints for both kinds of problem sets
Nothing is due until shopping period is done
Suggestions for Doing Well in Course
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