FA 77b Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Caraballeda, Kazimir Malevich, Mimesis

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6 Feb 2017

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Something happens on or around 1910s, a break, in terms of the
culturalprogression of man
1840s Turner
The interest in an effect passed to the viewer, rather than just a reality recounted
Capture a feeling in a work
During the time of Blanes in the 1870s, there were many thing going on in europe,
A first wave of modernism ends in 1910, and the Avant Garde begins
What is the Avant-Garde?
Men become alienated of themselves and the aesthetics of daily life
The goal is to reunite human beings, the modern subject, with aesthetics
Russian Constructivism
Art back to the people during the russian revolution
Go back to the most basic shapes and colors
What is easier to understand?
View of Pernambuco
A brazilian painting of a landscape
The Black Square
Your ideal copy, view
Lived by himself on the beach, and live with creepy dolls
Armando Reverón, Fiesta en Caraballeda, 1924
Nothing particularly interesting
Post-Impressionist Vibe
Then his art changes
Caribbean Area
Overexposure of light
There is so much light that it blinds you
He was interested in the elements of the earth, outside the city, and focuses on
It is the local element, the whiteness of the caribbean light, used as a central
expressive tool
The thickness of the white provides texture, something similar to sculpture
A. Reverón, Luz tras mi enramada, 1926
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