FA 77B Lecture 1: Intro Lecture

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6 Feb 2017

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Shoe Box
Mexican Artist presented for the Venice Biennale
What if your husband bought this with all his money?
Read it Against Nationality
What is it saying about Mexico
Empty shoebox could be making a statement of the lack of money in
The Reading of it shift, due to its position in place
Reading by looking at it in conjunction with the biography of the artist
Context of the piece in terms of the History of Art
Intended Audience
Who is the artist trying to communicate the message to?
Where is it being presented?
The street, the gallery, the holy of holies
The emptiness of the container
Feels melancholy
Which Box is it?
Generic Box, Different in every iteration of the exhibition
Does not feel Mexican, because it lacks Mexican Symbols
The easier the reading, the worse the art is, sometimes
Art holds your attention, and bothers you, because you can’t figure out what it is
Why are artists endowed with the ability to determine what art is?
Self expression
Art is subjective
Are there Physical Facts? Are there Moral Facts? Are there Aesthetic Facts?
Some people say yes, some no?
Almost comprehensive facts
What is the difference between Warhol and Duchamp?
Duchamp creates singular things, makes singular choices
Warhol is using mass production as a means to make art
Duchamp picks up a generic piece
3 million have been done in the last to hours, but he only moves one into
the white cube of the gallery
Reading for thursday
Jose Falconi Guggenheim Blog Piece
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