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Lecture 24

FA 30B Lecture 24: Landscape Painting and Versailles Lecture Notes

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Fine Arts
FA 30B
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Landscape Painting and Versailles Lecture Nicolas Poussin’s Landscape with the Burial of Phocion depicts the Greek General Phocion who was executed as a traitor by the uprisers in a democratic revolt. An extensive view of Athens is shown. There is a series of plains receding into depth. The general’s fate was unjust as he is to be buried outside of the city (and contrasts a tomb above his corpse). This is a theatrical depiction of a landscape, as opposed to an actual depiction. Nicolas Poussin’s Landscape with the Ashes of Phocion uses a diagonal path to guide the viewer. The irregular rock structure above contrasts the structures of the trees. Claude Lorrain’s Landscape with the Village Wedding focuses on light and in a series showed contrasting times of day. A mill is depicted. The painting is constructed to guide the viewer. Claude Lorrain's Landscape with Procession to Delphi shows a rising sun (morning). At the time landscape have been considered inferior to portrait and narrative painting. Hyancinthe Rigaud’s Louis XIV shows the king in full splendor, unlike Philip IV’s portrait. His clothes have the French symbols, and his legs are emphasized, because he was a proud dancer. The King was known as the Sun King and associated himself with the sun god of Greece Apollo. Louis Le Vau and Jules Hardouin Mansart’s Chateau de Versailles (Versailles, France) was created when the king moved his court to Versailles. The center was initially built and the Chateau was expanded upon in the following years. Le Vau designed the two Chambers for the king and queen, but his ideas are expanded upon with a garden by Mansart. Mansart and Le Brun’s Galerie des Glaces was created to be a spectacle of light. The mirrors would reflect the light at certain times of the day. The ceiling shows paintings that depict scenes
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