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Lecture 28

FA 30B Lecture 28: Delacroix and Turner Lecture Notes

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Delacroix and Turner Lecture Works of the Romanticist style focus on current events. For example, the Raft of the Medusa by Gericault focuses on the scandal of the Captain Hugues Duroys de Chaumareys, who chose not to send aid to the shipwrecked survivors (who are right near the coast of Senegal). Two of the survivors, Alexandre Correard and Henri Savigny, wrote an account of their survival (the Shipwreck of the Frigate Medusa when Taking Part in the Expedition to Senegal 1816) which attacks the aristocracy and notes their means of survival. The artist worked on this massive painting for a year. His original sketches focused on the cannibalism. An accidental pyramid is created by the desperate figures. The mourning on the left are depicted as both melancholy and unaware of the arriving ship. The work uses chiaroscuro. The figure held above the others and signaling to the rescue ship is an unknown African man, who is associated with the heroic act of being rescued. The ship was a slave ship, which makes the figure’s act ironic. Eugene Delacroix’s The Barque of Dante was the artist’s debut in the Salon in 1822, and depicts a literary subject. The scene from Dante's Divine Comedy shows the two figures of Dante and Virgil trying to cross the Sea of Lost Souls as figures try to grab onto their boat. The painting was well received and noted for its boldness of Michelangelo (twisting nudes) and its richness of Rubens (bold colors with visible brushwork). Michelangelo's Last Judgment shows a boat that sends the figures to Hell, and the figure of Christ in Last Judgement has a pose that matches that of Dante. Rubens's Disembarkation shows nudes that resemble the ones depicted here. Delacroix’s The Massacre at Chios was the artist's
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