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Lecture 10

AMST 35A Lecture 10: H: 10. HUAC and the Hollywood Ten

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American Studies
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Doherty Thomas

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Cold War Hollywood Hollywood blacklist The Hollywood Ten (1950) ● Culture of surveillance (FBI) ○ To monitor people ● “Who do you think you are working for?” ○ The first time human sexuality is studied by a doctor “Hearings regarding the communist infiltration of the motion picture industry” ● October 20-30, 1947 ● The House Committee on Un-American activities ● Chaired by J. Parnell Thomas (R-NJ) ● Fifth column ○ A group of underground spies in your country ○ The government funds the group year by year ■ Standing committee: need to be authorized each year ● WWII taught us that movies are an important ideological tool to deliver message ○ The Best Years Of Our Lives ● War against communist (1950) ● Communism ○ Sensitive to national threat ○ Hitler in America ○ The Age of Anxiety ● Dispersion of wealth in 1950s ○ Carpenter / electrician are making a lot of money ■ Have more affluence ○ Also have anxiety ■ Stock market crisis / Pearl Habour can destroy your life in just one night → trauma ● All the images in the films are from the hear
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