HIST 131 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Euphrates, Salem Witch Trials, Sargon I

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28 Jan 2016
Meghan Arsenault
HIST 131-008
TQ 01 Mesopotamia
1. A) Give a literal definition of the word Mesopotamia
B) Name the two rivers
A) Mesopotamia: the land between two rivers (Greek origin)
B) The two rivers surrounding Mesopotamia are the Tigris and Euphrates River.
2. What things or skills were developed in Mesopotamia? List at least four of
Developments that Mesopotamia was responsible for are: domestication of
animals, agriculture, common tools, the chariot, wine, beer, and the division of
time into hours, minutes, and seconds.
3. Using the internet, answer on which rivers you would find the following:
A. Baghdad
B. Babylon
A. Baghdad can be found along the Tigris river
B. Babylon can be found along the Euphrates River
4. Which two metals make up the following alloys?
A. Brass
B. Bronze
A. The alloy brass is made up of copper and zinc
B. The alloy bronze is made up of copper and a tad bit of tin (in it’s pure form)
5. Sargon I founded Akkad. Describe what his mother did with him when he
was a baby.
When Sargon was a baby, his mother put him in a covered basket and placed
him in the river and he floated away.
6. A) How does this story of Moses resemble that in #5?
B) Can you guess why these stories might be similar?
A. Similar to Sargon, Moses’ mother also placed him in a basket along the river
and left the baby for someone else to find.
B. These stories are similar because both babies were left in baskets for other
people to find, but they are both myths.
7. Define:
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