PHIL 111 Lecture 1: Creating Premises

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12 Feb 2016
Meghan Arsenault
1. My cat shares my point of view.
a. He sleeps all day
b. He likes to relax on the couch
2. That driver is an idiot.
a. He ran a stop sign
b. He keeps swerving on the main road
3. Chester can’t hold his liquor.
a. He is throwing up on the side of the road
b. He is slurring his words
4. You have been hacked
a. Your computer is not letting you log in
b. Someone is using your name to purchase items
5. To meet the standards that people expect in this day and age, churches need to have
free wifi.
a. There is no reception for calls in a case of an emergency
b. Every other place has free wifi
1. My cat does not share my point of view
a. He scratches people when he doesn’t get his way
2. That driver is not an idiot
a. He lets people cross the street when they are in a crosswalk
3. Chester can hold his liquor
a. He has had more to drink than any of us, but you can’t even tell
4. You haven’t been hacked
a. There is no evidence that a purchase has been made on his card
5. To meet the standards that people expect in this day and age, churches do not need to
have free wifi.
a. Church is a place to be with God, not on your cell phone
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