SOCI 199 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sleeping Bag, Clove, Mockingjay

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7 Nov 2017
The Hunger Games
Society- District 12
- Seam
- Town square
North American after a natural disaster
People of District 12
- Coal miners
- Poor
- Hungry
- Can’t speak out against Government
- Vey oppressed
- Totalitarian Government
Fenced in district
- Keep predators out
- Electric
- Only powered a few hours a day
Low technology knowledge
Train to Capitol
- High speed
- 250 miles an hour
Katniss’ father killed in mine explosion
- 1 month of help/compensation from the government
Kids can sign up for tesserae starting at age 12
-Grain and oil for one person in exchange for more entrances in the reaping
Peace keepers to keep everything in the districts in order
- Gale- talks bad about the government
- Madge- gives Katniss the mocking jay pin
- Katniss- 16-year-old girl- mature- provider
- Prim- 12-year-old girl- Katniss’ sister- has a goat which gives her milk and cheese
- Katniss’s mother- Grew up in town- checked out when husband died
- Gale- 18 years old- provider
- Madge- gives pin to Katniss- mockingjay, hybrid mocking bird and jabberjay.
Train- Katniss and Peeta
Haymitch- ‘You do what I say ill drink less’
- What is beauty in the eyes of the Capitol
- Body hair removal
Prep team
- Green skin
- Cinnas gold eyeliner
- Enhancements
Cinna- Rebel
- Chose district 12
- Challenge
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find more resources at
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