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Chapter 1 Self Test 1. Define the following: a. Logical truth b. Deductive validity c. Logical equivalence 2. For each of the following, indicate whether it has a truth-value (i.e., is either true or false). If it does not, explain why not. a. Mars is the planet closest to the sun. b. May you inherit a hotel and die in every room. c. Police cars use left lane. d. Ask not for whom the bell tolls. 3. Which of the following passages are best understood as arguments? For those that are, recast the passage in standard form and determine whether the resulting argument is deductively valid. Evaluate the inductive strength of those that are not deductively valid. a. That boxer cannot be hurt too badly because he is still moving well and throwing hard punches. b. One should not open the bidding with a five-point bridge hand. c. Either the members of the electoral college do their job or t
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