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Buffalo State College
James Hildebrand

The University of Western Ontario London Canada Department of Philosophy Philosophy 212 (001) UW – Introduction to Logic L. Falkenstein Mid-Year Test Wednesday, December 14, 2011 3 hours 7:00pm, EC 2155 Closed Book Page one of one page Answer All Questions 1. Define 5% a. Completeness of the tree method b. Decidability of the tree method c. Compactness of sets of sentences of SL d. Soundness of SD e. Consistency of SD 2. The basic strategy for proving the soundness of the tree method is proving that if there is a truth value assignment on which all the sentences in a set are true, all the sentences along at least one branch of the tree for that set of sentences must be true. By way of contrast, what is the basic strategy for proving the soundness of SD? (confine yourself to stating it in a sentence.) 5% 3. Consider the following argument by mathematical induction: 5% 1. All the sentences containing 0 occurrences of connectives are true on a truth value assignment, α*, if and only if they are ∈ Γ*. 2. If each of
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