PHI 101 Lecture 4: Britt R. Phil 101 notes #4

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27 Sep 2016
Brittany Rodriguez
Professor Leigh Duffy
Philosophy 101
Lecture notes #4
Aquinas Five Ways of God
Conscious- not alive only- the ability to process thought itself- has a purpose
For ex, animals and people
Non -Conscious – get their purpose from Essence. Human Beings
For ex, Chair, Hammer, a rock, plant, earth
Human Law- adopted to enhance society success; God must be essential to driving
purposeful activity
For ex, you must drive 30mph or under on Elmwood Ave
- No one is forcing you
- Break a law you will receive consequences
- Your conscious to prevent it
- You make a choice
Natural Law - description of how things are, observation of regularities
- Based on the universe
For ex, Gravity
Louise M. Antony “ For the Love of Reason” The Euthyphro Question
- Is good action good because God says it good?
- Is good action good and so God says it’s good?
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find more resources at
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