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REL A - Ancient Scripture
REL A 122
Mark Alan Wright

Mormon 1-6 Warfare Geography 1. Mormon taken to Zarahemla when he’s 11 years old (Mormon 1:6) [AD 322] a. War in borders of Zarahemla by the waters of Sidon (Mormon 1:10) i. Lamanites driven back ii. Peace for four years th 2. Mormon takes lead of Nephite armies in his 16 year (Mormon 2:2) [About 327 AD] a. Nephites flee Zarahemla, take Angola (Mormon 2:4) 3. Nephites driven out of Angola and out of Land of David (Mormon 2:5) 4. Nephites gather together at land of Joshua (Mormon 2:6) a. Nephites withstand Lamanite armies [AD 330] 5. Nephites retreat to Jashon (Mormon 2:16) [AD 345] a. Jashon near Hill Shim in Antum where plates were buried (Mormon 2:17) 6. Nephites driven northward to land of Shem (Mormon 2:20) a. Nephites fortify Shem (Mormon 2:21) 7. Nephites drive Lamanites back until Nephites ‘had again taken possession of the lands of [their] inheritance (Mormon 2:27) a. Treaty made with Lamanites: Nephites get land northward, Lamanites get land southward (Mormon 2:29) [AD 350] 8. Lamanite king requests battle at Desolation (Mormon 3:4) [AD 360] a. Nephites win battle at Desolation (Mormon 3:7) [AD 361] b. Nephites win second battle a
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