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Lecture 5

BUS 346 Lecture 5: Product, Branding, and Packaging

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BUS 346
Jason Varley

Midterm! • 50 questions, bring scantron o Chapters 1, 2, 5, 9-12, 15, 16 • General Study Suggestions (Midterm next Wednesday) o Read the chapter, then take the quiz o Test yourself with the end-of-section questions o Use the Study Guide as an outline and take notes while skimming each chapter o Review the highlights & callouts in the book o Definitions and acronyms o Compare notes with a classmate o Review your quizzes and understand the answer o Review the chapters in reverse order from when they were assigned (i.e. read the most recent chapters first) • Midterm Alert: o Learning Objective 15-4 • Describe the flow of information and merchandise in the marketing channel • Learn acronyms and definitions • Midterm Study Guide o On polylearn Product, Branding, and Packaging Decisions • Function, Composition, Constraints, Packaging, Payment, Warranty, Support, Brand o Product Function • What can it do? • Features and capabilities • Required for project - basically already did this o Product Composition • What is included and how is it constructed? • How the service is performed? o Product Constraints • Regulatory • Usage o Product Packaging • Primary (product itself) • Secondary (shipping & storage) • Required for project - discuss why you made decisions o Product Payment Method(s) • Cash, credit, layaway, installments, trade, etc. o Product Warranty • A written promise of what (if anything) will be warranted and under what terms • Service level agreements & guarantees • Can strengthen the marketing mix as a differentiator and builds bran
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