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Lecture 9

ENGL 303 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Jane Austen

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ENGL 303

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
English 303 W6D1 Lecture 9
Jane Austen: Persuasion !
-Captain Wentworth!
never loved Louisa!
-willing to marry anyone !
-idea of beauty!
those with beauty were flat characters !
-Sir. Elliot, Mr. Elliot, Lady Elliot!
all viewed negatively by Anne !
-Anne was plane but seen as a good personality !
Anne’s beauty is subjective !
-Mr. Elliot !
courts Anne rather than Elizabeth!
-maybe finds Elizabeth annoying !
wants to tear down Kellynch !
Anne is able to be persuaded !
-Elizabeth is more head strong like her father !
-Mrs. Smith and her warning Anne !
maybe wanted Anne to make her own decision !
can a good woman change a man !
-maybe had faith in Anne to balance out Mr. Elliot !
maybe needs Anne to be in a relationship with Mr. Elliot so she can get her money !
-manipulative? !
-desperate? !
-Persuasion !
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