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Lecture 14

ENGL 303 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Margaret Fuller, Fugitive Slave Laws, Slave Narrative

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ENGL 303

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Thursday, November 16, 2017
English 303 W9D2 Lecture 14
Margaret Fuller!
-white women and enslaved people !
considered deficient in intellect!
-likened to children!
overtasked with work !
-grudges !
might have their children taken away!
bother are considered the property of the white men!
-neither are allowed to hold property!
wanted to change laws to extend legal protections to both groups !
not have souls and only masters whose restrictions they should follow is God !
-obstruction !
-female abolitionist versus male slave trader !
women are happy with their current situation !
-but have no asked !
man is the head woman is the heart !
-the heard and the head work in concert !
men argue that women should trust them!
-they have private relations with women !
argues against this !
-women argue that they would not leave the home more often than they already do !
-signs of change !
the abolition movement !
more old maids and bachelors!
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