ES 340 Lecture 1: Identity

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24 Jan 2019
- Identity:
- Racial: Skin color & physical characteristics; is a social, judicial and legal
construct and economically enforced
- Ethnicity: Greek word “ethos” which means group; group with a shared history,
language, culture
- Nationality: Both citizenship and nation-based culture
-Latino/a/x: Panethnic term (Midwest/East Coast) Originated in the Middle class,
people w/ an education (“Latin” + “Spanish”)
-Hispanic: created by the US Census Bureau in 1970; Hispanic refers to the
spanish speaking population, so in essence really anything and everyone, the term is so watered
down it’s not ethnically specific
-Hispano/a- Term in Spanish language used in the 19th century
-Chicano/a/x- both a nationality and an ethnicity, had a negative connotation in
the 1930’s-50’s, then in the 1960’s it was associated with the movement and rep. the indigenous
pride and identity
Chicano Condition: Blend of Mexican identity and American identity but not quite either by
itself, “Ni de aqui, ni de alla”
- Jason C. Johansen: Determining a Chicano film/literature
- By a Latinx author
- About Latinx character(s) & community
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