ES 340 Lecture 4: "Compadres y Comadres"

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24 Jan 2019
Compadres y Comadres:
- Miguel Grande is having an affair with Lola
- Juanita is looked at as the force that keeps Miguel Grande in touch with his
- Lola portrayed as “sin verguenza” is the only women who can fulfill his sexual
desires and highlight his weaknesses
- When Juanita finds out she ignores the signs which symbols her as submissive
and desires the idea of having a perfect marriage
- El compa dies of a heart attack
- Felix dies by getting beat death from a military man that he tried to sexually
- When the three characters finally acknowledge the situation, it’s a sign of
feminine solidarity and feminism even for Juanita and Lola to be
- Themes: betrayal, death, power, friendship, and infidelity
Rain Dancer:
- Feliz is the rain dance which has two different meanings
1. Literal: as a child he loved dancing in the rain storms while everyone else was
2. Metaphoric: easy going attitude towards life
- Joel is his favorite son
- When joel starts going to school he retreats from Felix
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