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Lecture 5

POLS 112 Lecture 5: POLS112 ONE CLASS

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Political Science
POLS 112

When the Levees broke What are the purposes of government and how did each level of government perform? • Local level - Nagin o Informed the businesses before the people- elitism o Said he did all he could and used all the resources he had ▪ The local level did not have enough resources – they could not handle the situation on their own • State level- Blanco o Claims she asked the president for help from the beginning o Depended on state troopers o Was reluctant to give the federal government authority o Installed marshal law ▪ Looters would be shot ▪ Thought it would maintain order o Called the federal government for help- she didn’t have enough resources either • Federal level- o Condoleezza Rice ▪ Went shopping, played tennis and went to broadway o George W. Bush ▪ Was on television, flew over New Orleans and did not land • LBJ went on the ground and talked to people ▪ “elitist temper” • not looking out for the masses o Michael Brown – FEMA ▪ Was not qualified to run FEMA ▪ Did not act quickly, or use all of his resources o Chertoff- US homeland Security Whose responsibility is it when a national disaster hits within a state? What is the individual’s responsibility?
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