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Lecture 7

POLS 112 Lecture 7: Local Government

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Political Science
POLS 112

Local Governments • legality of local governments o 10 amendment o article 4 ▪ all states are guaranteed a republican form of government • local government powers o Dillon’s Rule (1868) ▪ Creates interpretation of local government powers ▪ Local governments do not have inherent sovereignty ▪ Whenever there is a case of local government powers- this has been applied • It limits local governments to create new powers for themselves ▪ States have no inherent sovereignty • When its asked if the state has power this rule is inacted April 19, 2017 Brutus Review • Only elites would be able to serve in the position of power o The farmer will never be able to represent the farming people • A small amount of people is representing a large amount of people o There is unequal representation • Slaves equaling free men o The states are unequal in representation Local Governments continued • Local government charters o Established and authorized by the state ▪ Special districts and counties ▪ Cities and towns can become incorporated through charters o Charters are legal documents that are issued by a government authority creating a corporation. ▪ A municipality is an incorporated city ▪ When you are a corporation- you are a form of local government that is incorporated through charter. They have more power and authority over local decisions o Local government units and functions ▪ Counties • Extensions of the state government • State laws establish what they can and cannot do ▪ Municipalities • General law cities o Exists as an incorporated city but operates under general state laws • Home rule cities o Operates under a home rule charter ▪ A city can provide municipal chaters as they see fit o Makes a city more autonomous (as long as it fits in state and county laws) ▪ Unincorporated areas ▪ Special districts • Responsible for a particular area • Ex: school districts, water district ▪ Regional agencies • Counties overlapping with cities • Try to solve quality of life issues and they sometimes form: o Council of governments (COGs) o Deal with transportation • Municipal Government Models o 4 different models ▪ mayor-council plan • mayor and council (legislature) are both separately elected ▪ council-manager plan • combines the legislative and executive branches at the local level • a city council is elected and there is a mayor that is elected o the council chooses the city manager o the city manager is hired to administer the laws • SLO has this ▪ Mayor-administrator plan • mayor is separately elected o they appoint an administrative officer • the council is separately elected • more powerful executive ▪ commission plan • officials are elected and they serve on a commission (fuses the executive and legislative power) Paying for CA state and Local Government • government must allocate spending via annual budgets • balancing budgets- a challenge o passed bills to make it easier to pass budgets and to make sure they have them on time • state and local revenues o state ▪ largest sources of general fund come from personal income tax and values use tax o local ▪ largest source from Ad Valorem tax (property/sales tax) • State and Local Expenditures o State- ▪ Most of the spending goes to education (k-12 and high school) o L
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