BIOL 106 Lecture 3: Chapter 1 Readings.docx

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10 Feb 2015
Chapter 1 Readings, Assignments, and Activities Checklist
Read Chapter 1 in the textbook.
ACTIVITIES (To be completed in ANGEL)
View the Chapter 1 - Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology presentation.
View the Positive and Negative Feedback Animation .
Complete the Chapter 1 Online Activities
(These activities are not graded. However, they can prove very helpful in increasing your understanding of the material covered in Chapter 1.)
Labeling Exercise 1 - Levels of Organization
Crossword Puzzle - Chapter 1 Terms.
ASSIGNMENTS (To be completed in McGraw-Hill Connect.)
Complete the Chapter 1 LearnSmart Study Module.
Complete the Chapter 1 Quiz. You can take this as many times as you want. Only your highest score will count toward your grade.
LAB ASSIGNMENTS (To be completed in McGraw-Hill Connect.)
Download or Print the Module 1 (Chapter 1) APR Online Lab Assignment
Complete the Anatomy & Physiology Revealed (APR) "Module 1 - Body Orientation" Online Lab
Complete the Module 1 (Chapter 1) APR Online Lab Assignment
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